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Coming Summer 2014


Love On

Maiden Lane

San Francisco may never be the same once love comes to Maiden Lane.




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I enjoy writing all different types of romance.  Whether it's paranormal, contemporary, or time travel (oops! I hope I didn't give too much away). 

My main goal is to provide enjoyable entertainment for my readers.  Because of this, my books are known for being fast-paced, engaging stories that are exciting to read. 

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How is Natalie Bigelow expected to run a medical practice with a doctors greedy trophy wife constantly breathing down her neck, an unruly new doctor in her practice that can’t keep IT in his pants, and mentor a gorgeous hunk of a man, namely, Marcus Templeton, M.D., on how to set-up his new practice?  All while still keeping a deathbed promise to her beloved father?

Any damn way she can…